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Division 2 2017/18

Wessex Masters League and Cup

Wessex Masters League and Cup

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Andover Diamonds88004834524
2- United Services (Portsmouth) Vets971140192122
3- West Wilts Mens Vets961232211119
4- Portsmouth and Southsea Vets850327141315
5- Bournemouth Men's Vets 2103162130-910
6- Salisbury Strollers93151339-2610
7 Trojans Men's Vets II72141013-37
8 Chichester Deacons92161437-237
9- Havant Men's Vets II71241525-105
10- Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells8026423-192
13 January 2018
Andover Diamonds5-0Chichester Deacons
United Services (Portsmouth) Vets8-3Bournemouth Men's Vets 2
Portsmouth and Southsea Vets(+)Havant Men's Vets II
Trojans Men's Vets II0-0Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells
West Wilts Mens Vets7-0Salisbury Strollers
16 December 2017
Trojans Men's Vets II2-3Salisbury Strollers
09 December 2017
United Services (Portsmouth) Vets1-6Andover Diamonds
Portsmouth and Southsea Vets7-0Salisbury Strollers
Bournemouth Men's Vets 26-2Havant Men's Vets II
Trojans Men's Vets II(+)Chichester Deacons
West Wilts Mens Vets(+)Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells
02 December 2017
Salisbury Strollers2-2Bournemouth Men's Vets 2
Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells0-2Portsmouth and Southsea Vets
Havant Men's Vets II2-4United Services (Portsmouth) Vets
Chichester Deacons5-0West Wilts Mens Vets
Andover Diamonds(+)Trojans Men's Vets II
25 November 2017
Bournemouth Men's Vets 24-0Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells
Havant Men's Vets II(+)Salisbury Strollers
United Services (Portsmouth) Vets4-1Trojans Men's Vets II
Portsmouth and Southsea Vets10-2Chichester Deacons
West Wilts Mens Vets0-8Andover Diamonds
18 November 2017
Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells2-2Havant Men's Vets II
Chichester Deacons0-3Bournemouth Men's Vets 2
Salisbury Strollers0-5United Services (Portsmouth) Vets
Andover Diamonds2-0Portsmouth and Southsea Vets
Trojans Men's Vets II2-3West Wilts Mens Vets
11 November 2017
Chichester Deacons3-3Havant Men's Vets II
Bournemouth Men's Vets 21-2Andover Diamonds
Salisbury Strollers3-2Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells
United Services (Portsmouth) Vets3-3West Wilts Mens Vets
Portsmouth and Southsea Vets(+)Trojans Men's Vets II
04 November 2017
Chichester Deacons1-3Salisbury Strollers
Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells(+)United Services (Portsmouth) Vets
Andover Diamonds(+)Havant Men's Vets II
Trojans Men's Vets II1-0Bournemouth Men's Vets 2
West Wilts Mens Vets3-0Portsmouth and Southsea Vets
28 October 2017
Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells0-3Chichester Deacons
Salisbury Strollers1-9Andover Diamonds
Havant Men's Vets II3-2Trojans Men's Vets II
United Services (Portsmouth) Vets5-3Portsmouth and Southsea Vets
Bournemouth Men's Vets 21-7West Wilts Mens Vets
21 October 2017
Andover Diamonds7-0Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells
14 October 2017
Portsmouth and Southsea Vets2-0Bournemouth Men's Vets 2
United Services (Portsmouth) Vets4-0Chichester Deacons
West Wilts Mens Vets5-1Havant Men's Vets II
07 October 2017
Salisbury Strollers1-4West Wilts Mens Vets
Havant Men's Vets II2-3Portsmouth and Southsea Vets
Petersfield And Haslemere Neerdowells0-2Trojans Men's Vets II
Bournemouth Men's Vets 21-6United Services (Portsmouth) Vets
Chichester Deacons0-9Andover Diamonds

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